AllStar is a linking method which uses the Internet to connect repeater sites together.   The AHRA operates several repeaters that have AllStar capability.  AllStar is a flexible method to connect multiple repeater sites together while preserving superior audio quality.  The CEO’s of AHRA have a good relationship with many of those responsible for AllStar and the technologies which run under it.

Most of the AHRA AllStar repeaters are connected to the WAN Repeater System.   WAN is only a part of AllStar, as there are over 2000 repeaters registered and commonly over 750 sites available in the world using AllStar.  WAN stands for Wide Area Network, and as the name implies, our network encompasses a wide area.  We currently have the largest single AllStar deployment in the world, covering about 4/5’s of Pennsylvania, most of New Jersey, and somewhat into every state surrounding us.

If you would like more information on AllStar or the different linking technologies used in its deployment, please follow this link to the WAN Repeater System.


JimDixonKevin Scott-Jim-DixonIMAG03171203110407

Kevin, Scott and Elaine with Jim Dixon – WB6NIL of AllStar Link.  Click the photos for a larger view.

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